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We are dedicated to you! We are qualified in procuring, preserving, and delivering products in a timely and professional manner. Our Scientists' knowledge and experience allows us to provide individual attention to each researcher's needs.


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Assisting the scientific community by providing researchers with the human primary cells, blood components, and tissue they need to advance research.


HemaCare provides a variety of primary human cells and blood components collected from IRB consented normal donors and patients derived from the following tissues:


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Human cells and tissue are critical raw materials for cell therapy and tissue-engineered products, as well as ex vivo gene therapy products, but often introduce significant variability. Rigorous operational controls, quality systems, and analytical capabilities enable optimal, consistent cell collection, a critical factor for successful research and development of novel cell-based products and technology.  For over 35 years, researchers have chosen HemaCare to be their provider of choice for customized, high-quality, consistent, viable human primary cells, blood components, tissues, and apheresis collection services. HemaCare controls procedures and collection sites under a formal quality system, with GMP-compliant, validated procedures and equipment, and GTP-compliant donor screening and tracking allowing you to experience increased experimental consistency due to predictable high yield cell collections.


Click here to view our presentation entitled "Optimizing Apheresis Cellular Collections."


Healthy cells and blood components are collected in HemaCare owned and operated FDA-registered collection centers.  Diseased products are collected through our cooperative working relationships with various clinics and hospitals around the country. All primary human cells and blood components are processed, isolated, and cultured in our laboratory using our state-of-the art equipment. Our laboratory is managed by highly trained scientists to provide you with quality, consistent, viable primary cells and blood components.


HemaCare strictly adheres to all applicable Federal and State guidelines . All donations involve complete anonymity for the donor. In addition, HemaCare utilizes randomly generated numbers to track products and there are no identifiers that can be traced back to the donor.


The scientific community relies on HemaCare to provide human primary cells and blood components for:

  • Research studies
  • Medical device and analytical method qualifications
  • Validations
  • Development and control of QC testing
  • Development and control of functional assays
  • Development of novel cell therapy products
  • Development of novel gene therapy products

Does your research protocol require customized human-derived blood products?

Research ProductsBecause we understand that scientists require consistent and viable customized human-derived biological products for their cutting-edge research projects, we can customize collections to meet specific requirements. If different cell types/blood components, alternate formats or sizes, special donor criteria, various types of in vitro manipulation or culture are needed, we can often accommodate these special requests.

Since we have a 35 year old history of working with our donors, "customized collections" also means we can hand pick just the right donor for your research needs.


HemaCare provides

Gold standard

  • Predictable, reliable, and validated collection procedures
  • Optimized Standard Operating Procedures
  • Ability to collect based on specific protocol
  • High-yield cell collections
  • Validated, automated cell counts and five-part WBC differentials

Hassle-free ordering and delivery

  • Rapid response time
  • Ability to collect and provide on short notice
  • Same day or overnight delivery

Much more...

  • IRB approved collection protocols and subject consents
  • Large registry of repeat-donor subjects