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"I would like to comment on three employees. The first one works in administration, Nancy. Every time I come in she makes sure to greet me and asks how I have been. The second one is the young lady who performed the procedure, Cynthia. She is a credit to your company; she is very patient, understanding, and makes me feel welcomed. It's employees like her that make this process fulfilling. The only down side to my visit was Jessica, who works in the front, was not in today; she is another one who I hold in the highest regard!"
HemaCare Donor


"Once you're there, it feels like you're part of a friendly family environment. Thanks HemaCare staff!"
HemaCare Donor


"The front office staff is always so grateful to me for coming in when I donate; they always make me feel appreciated."
HemaCare Donor


"HemaCare is awesome! The staff is great and the nurses are awesome. Thank you to all the people working at HemaCare for making blood platelet donations worthwhile."
HemaCare Donor


"The receptionists and nurses are all very friendly and pleasant to be around. They make the donation process very pleasant."
HemaCare Donor


"Great job! Great team! Great experience!"
HemaCare Donor


"Everyone here is very nice and makes sure I am comfortable coming in and going out."
HemaCare Donor


"Very happy with the service and feel well informed at all times."
HemaCare Donor


"Front office has always been excellent.  Choice of movies is quite good!"
HemaCare Donor


"The nurses are all great staff members and kind/gentle when they are working on me."
HemaCare Donor


"Every time I go donate, I have a great experience. Everybody from the front desk to the phlebotomist are professional and exceptional."
HemaCare Donor





"I've used Coral Blood Services for a long time and find them dependable, reliable, and timely. It's a good working relationship."
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, Therapeutic Apheresis Customer


"I am very happy with Coral's services. Irmgard and Debbie are wonderful. Coral Blood Services always comes through, they have accurate nurses; notes are clearly written."
Lenox Hill Hospital, Therapeutic Apheresis Customer


"Our patients and doctors have no complaints of Coral Blood Services. Irmgard is excellent and helpful when I need additional information and reports."
Lutheran Medical Center, Therapeutic Apheresis Customer


"Coral's nurses are vey nice and courteous. They go out of there way to let us know that they are coming and I really appreciate that. They do an excellent job!"
Riverview Medical Center


"I like Coral's staff, they are always there, but Coral's responsiveness is what stands out the most."
Riverview Medical Center




"…thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment that I received while undergoing Leukapheresis treatment for the Provenge treatment by Dendreon. Everyone was very helpful and professional for the 4+ hour treatment. I especially want to give a very special thanks to Mary, the R.N., who administered the apheresis process. She was particularly attentive to making sure that I was comfortable and very professional as she followed the requirements for the process. She was also very helpful given that I had undergone a Basal Cell Carcinoma removal just prior to the treatment which complicated things a little for me.

Please give my personal thanks to all and especially Mary for a very pleasant experience."
Dendreon Patient


"The nurse is always on time and made me feel safe during the apheresis treatment."
Therapeutic Apheresis Patient


"The staff and nurses at HemaCare are the best group of individuals I have dealt with over the 10 years I have been ill. I am thankful for the kind and high quality care and concern for my well-being. I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling over the years. While I dislike being ill, I am extremely thankful for HemaCare."
Therapeutic Apheresis Patient



"Our experience with HemaCare and their products has been very positive. Their staff is willing to work with us to meet our needs for non-standard shipping conditions and their prices are very competitive. We have been able to extract good yields of high molecular weight DNA of high purity from whole blood obtained from HemaCare donors, and the DNA has proved to be excellent starting material for NGS libraries. Our shipments have always arrived on time and in excellent condition. We definitely plan to use HemaCare services in the future."
Senior Scientist R&D, Bioo Scientific Corporation


"The last collection couldn't be any better!  It had a high amount of WBCs overall, high percentage of monocytes and only 2% grans… was perfect.

I want to add that the staff at HemaCare that we have worked with have been invaluable and a joy to work with.  We would consult with them after each collection on what could possibly be modified in the procedure to improve the collection, if anything, and they welcomed any adjustments we wanted to make, which is refreshing.  We feel we are at a good place as far as the procedure and this last product really showed that.  We just put in an order for two more collections!

Additionally, we are also testing a shipper and temperature monitor for our PHIII upcoming trial, so being able to use/test these live for actual products is extremely helpful.  I have given Coleen a laundry list of very detailed steps to ensure the product is packed exactly as they will be in our upcoming trial….and she has willingly taken our requests and followed through.  Her and her team have gone above and beyond to help us get exactly what we need."
Senior Process Development Associate, Argos Therapeutics, Inc.


"We have been relying on HemaCare as a source of fresh whole blood for research studies characterizing our sample stabilization buffer. Not only did HemaCare have an IRB already set-up to allow us access to multiple donors, but they were also able to accommodate our unique requests. Since we are measuring gene expression, maintaining sample RNA integrity is a priority for us. HemaCare was able to implement our procedure without fail. HemaCare is always responsive to our requests, including arranging for donors on short notice. We were especially impressed with the personal touch taken by the laboratory manager in assisting us with on-site set up of our samples. With this type of customer service, HemaCare is not only a vendor, but also a partner in our research and development."
Director of Product Development, DxTerity Diagnostics


"...And we thank you very much for your consistent helpfulness and resourcefulness through the years. I understand that our needs are sometimes quite unusual and you and HemaCare have been very accommodating through them all. Without your help (and HemaCare), many of our programs may not have been as efficient as they have been. Again, thank you and we look very much forward for another exciting year."
Group Leader, Cell Biology at Xencor, Inc..