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Customized Projects

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For over 35 years, researchers have chosen HemaCare to be their provider of choice for customized, high-quality, consistent, viable human primary cells, blood components, tissues, and apheresis collection services. We understand that each clinical trial and research project has di­fferent requirements. Accordingly, HemaCare can provide a variety of customized products and services tailored to fit your needs.  Please contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your specifications.


Targeted Donor Selection
Our diverse donor pool enables us to provide the match you need to successfully complete your study:

  • Healthy donors
  • HLA specific (low and high resolution)
    • HLA Class I: A, B, C
    • HLA Class II: DRB, DQB, DPB, DQA
  • CMV negative/positive
  • Blood type specific
  • Diverse demographics
  • Gender and/or age specific
  • Specific lifestyle characteristics
  • Disease-state donors and patients
  • Ability to provide both repeat or unique donors

Customized Collections and Cell/Tissue Processing
Because all research projects vary, having our cells your way is central to successful research. HemaCare can tailor collection and processing services to fit your needs. We provide:

  • Protocol-specific collections - Your Way
  • Specific cell requests
  • Multiple cell types from same donor
  • Density separation of white blood cells
  • Positive or negative immunomagnetic cell selection methods
  • Custom primary cell cultures
  • Fresh or frozen cell formats
  • Custom cell number/volume per unit
  • Packaging and shipping to your specifications (i.e. shipping media, buff­ers, containers)

Our Donors Make The Difference

Donors are the critical source for any research project.

Since 1978, HemaCare has been collecting biological material for transfusion and research use. Over the years, we have recruited and developed our own healthy donor pool consisting of a wide range of diverse demographics and parameters. We perform serological and infectious disease testing with each donation and track donor collection results, which gives us the critical information we need to hand pick specific donors to meet researchers' needs. Because of our long standing relationship with our donors, we can also recall past donors for repeat collections. Accordingly, we have created a "pedigreed" donor pool that is unparalleled in the industry. This, in addition to our optimized cell collection procedures, leads to a higher degree of consistency and reproducibility to support research projects.

Pedigreed Donor Database:

  • We know our donors. Many are on regular donations schedules
  • Qualification and testing performed with each donation
  • Recruitment of donors with specific characteristics required by investigator:
    • Age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity
    • Medical history - vaccinations, diet, family history
    • Lifestyle characteristics
    • HLA type, other specific laboratory test results
    • Other specific parameters

All products are collected from donors and patients who are qualified for participation per FDA regulations, cGMP/cGTP principles, protocol requirements, and in accordance with Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved informed consents.


Need further customization? Contact us to tell us your custom project needs.